Visit the Canary Islands and Fuerteventura to Enjoy the Ultimate Dream Vacation

The island of perpetual summer and acres of white glistening sand beckons you. Experience this slice of tropical paradise at its finest hours on your next holiday..

Visit the Canary Islands - Spain’s Most Popular Tourist Spots

The Canary Islands are a series of eight islands and a couple of islets found covering the ocean between Europe and Africa. Their unique location makes them a curiosity and attraction for tourists. Many people want to experience the sub-tropical climate of North Africa that is submerged into European culture.

Many of these islands is a crater-like impression of volcanic eruptions that occurred centuries ago. They currently create individual ecosystems, comprising of dormant volcanoes, shimmering ocean, and sugary white sand. These islands also feature winding hike trails and meandering rivers.

Each nook and cranny of these islands is hidden with unearthed mysteries of nature. The best attribute of these European islands is their natural charm. They might be one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world.

However, they still have a rustic and surreal charm that enthrals visitors.

That is why, once you visit the Canary Islands, you would not like to go anywhere else.

Closer Look at this Alluring Archipelago

Land of Eternal Sunshine to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Whether you are a solo traveller, a family of five or a group of nature lovers, these islands have something for everyone. You can either spend your days hiking and exploring every inch of its sandy surface. Or, you can hit the waves by diving into water sport activities.

At present, the top things to do at the Canary Islands include:

  • Hiking and nature trails for great outdoor expeditions
  • Gran Canaria to encounter the rich history and vibrant culture scene
  • Fuerteventura for the best beaches and many adrenaline-pumping activities
  • La Palma and La Gomera for hiking trails and mini-expeditions

And this is just the tip of the iceberg (or rather islands)!

Visit the Canary Islands & Fuerteventura to behold this spectacle.

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Discover Fuerteventura

3000 hours of sunshine throughout the year!

Life is always sunny-side up when you visit the Canary Islands. Fuerteventura is undoubtedly the beach-central of your trip. It is the perfect choice for travellers who have only time for one stop on their trip to the Canaries.

Interestingly, the island’s name itself revolves around luck. Its Spanish translation means “strong fortune”, due to which it is associated with wealth and destiny. While ancient lore discusses its strong winds and nautical misadventures in great detail. Both instances spin a tale of adventure and fun when you compare it with the other Canary Islands.

More importantly, the island’s terrific topography is an open invitation to tourists around the world. Its surface is covered in baked sand with an occasional speckle of charcoal coloured shores. We also have windy locales that are shrouded with white-ash dunes. These beautiful beaches are surrounded by the deep blue sea.

So if you prefer a tropical holiday under the sun, with expansive beaches and clear waters, this is the place to go.

Explore the best beaches at Fuerteventura.

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