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Fuerteventura – a sizzling sun-baked slice of heaven in the Atlantic Ocean

Located only 100km from the African coast, Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands prized possessions. Every inch of its landscape is covered with awe-inspiring scenes. It has everything from sun-drenched beaches, calm crystalline waters to hot-tempered volcanoes.

This island is the perfect place to unwind and relax as you bask in its year-round sunshine.

We plan to make this experience more spectacular by giving you the five-star treatment with a private rental home.

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Luxury Holiday Home & Apartment in Fuerteventura

Your home away from home at the Canary Islands

Whether your trip to the Canary Islands is a solo adventure, family vacation, or a nature expedition, you can’t go far without missing your home. Our luxury apartment in Fuerteventura offers you privacy and intimacy without compromising the five-star quality of a hotel.

Located at the heart of the island, this extravagant Casilla De Costa complex has everything you need. Our fully furnished apartment is spacious, well maintained, and much more comfortable than a four-walled hotel room. You can view the island's dramatic scenes from your window or terrace while enjoying some quality time with your friends and family when you are inside.

We also offer resort-style amenities within the grounds. These include an indoor and outdoor pool, hiking expeditions, and adventure activities (i.e. snorkelling, hiking, and windsurfing).

You can rent your luxury holiday home in Fuerteventura for the duration of your visit. Staying here would allow you to make lifelong memories on your terms.

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As soon as you step into this charming place you will not want to leave. You will love the tickly gripply sand sensation

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Your perfect gateway awaits you today. Luxury, spacious, fully furnished apartment located in a new development in the heart of Fuertaventura. You will be amazed by the pristine beaches and turquoise waters. Watch the waves gently crawling to the shore as you relax your body and mind. Feel the warm sand trickle through your toes. Fuertaventura is ready for you. Come create a lifetime of happy peaceful memories.

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